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About Me

I was born in 1975 in Ipswich, Suffolk. 

I am currently living in the SA1 post code area of Swansea, Bonymaen to be exact. It really is a nice area to live in. Close to a great city, great coast and countryside.

I am about to get started in radio again, doing shows from home. A new website just for that is on it's way!

You can find me on Facebook, plus you can read my latest blog at http://philenglandsblog.blogspot.com

Due to Covid and various lockdown restrictions, life has been far from normal. Things we used to do without much thought we can no longer do. I miss seeing my friends and giving them hugs, I also miss going to the 'Cuppa & Chat' group I went to once a week. I also really like to travel about the UK with my best friend Neil. Having a Motability car has really given me hope for the future when restrictions are less and Covid has been stopped in its tracks!

You can check out my blogs on my life by visiting my blog (link bellow).

I had to make a tough decision, I gave my cat to a friend, she has a family and they can give Smokie more time and outside space.


I have been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, its a horrible thing to suffer with, it can really knock me down. 

I've been trying to raise awareness on social media. Not many people seem to know about it, as it is not really that visible. 

I can tell you that suffering with Ankylosing Spondylitis has an impact on my mental health. I suffer with anxiety and depression, and keep beating myself up about my physical limits.

For more on my health, check out the posts on


Watch my special video here, and click the link under that.

Thank You

Check out my new HEALTH page.....

LATEST UPDATE: Some people have been asking if I have had second opinions on my neck and back, so to put these peoples minds at rest..... 

Please donate to my GoFundMe fundraising page and help me get the treatment I need to get life back. I'm fed up of being a drain on the NHS and the DWP.

Living With Ankylosing Spondylitis
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The devolved nations of the UK, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are continuing to go in and out of different tiers of lockdowns. Keep checking out the links on my special page, as well as your chosen news provider.
A number of vaccines have been approved, and some are still in test.

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