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Are you looking for a voice over for a radio or TV advert?

  • someone to read the travel news?

  • someone to record a line or two for a project?

  • cover for a community station or local station?

Drop me an email, I can record at home and email you,

or I could come to your studio location.


Just drop me an email to philengland70(at)

Please make the subject of email 'voice quote') or give me a call (drop me an email first, I will give you my private number to phone)

Take a listen to my demos that are located further down this page


  • Radio BGM (Hospital)

  • Tyne FM (online)

  • NH Sound (Hospital)

  • Wham Radio 1449 (Torfaen RSL)

  • Oxford Local Radio (RSL)

  • ON FM (London RSL)

  • Swinging Radio England (online tribute)

  • Radio Tircoed (Community)

  • Asian Sound Radio (Manchester Commercial)

  • Upload Radio Gloucestershire (DAB)

  • Upload Radio North Wales (DAB)

  • Upload Radio Surrey & SW London (DAB)

  • Bro Radio (Community)

  • Moorlands Gold (Community Spin-off)

  • Islands FM 107.9

Send a request for In The Groove

via the message window, just click the icon in the bottom right

corner of this page, or send a Ko-Fi request!

kofi request link
Islands FM Link
Grumpy Old Git logo

This was my submission to the Elysium Gallery's 'Ways Of Protest' exhibition.

It shows you can get a message and point across using past photos, designed graphics and the right selection of audio.

Sadly it didn't get chosen

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